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follow the Bible

The sermon this week - and the theme of our days worship will reflect our high regard for the Bible.  

The Bible really is at the heart of why we do things. It is all very well to be able to explain that Seventh-day Adventists derive their name from that very special day on which God himself commanded us to rest - and on which we remember God as Creator. It is wonderful to be able to state that we are Adventists because we look forward to the Second Advent of Jesus. None of this would be known unless we had the Bible.

Martin Luther and the Reformers of the past remind us that our knowledge of God's work and words is 'Sola Scriptura' - by the Bible alone.

Early in 2009 Seventh-day Adventists launched a project called 'Follow the Bible' in Manila. A Bible in 66 languages was printed and bound and sent on a journey around the world. The aim is to remind people how important the Bible is to us as a people.

You can read more about the project on

The artwork on the site was designed by a friend of mine, Ani Holdsworth, who used to live in the north of England. You can access her blog easily on

At the heart of the project is the suggestion that all Seventh-day Adventists set out to read the Bible each year. The Bible reading plan suggested for us to use can be found on    However you could look at the Bible Reading Guide I have used for many years.'sreadings2009.pdf